Strenger can help you to ensure that your workplace is compliant with British and European Standards requirements and HSE guidance. Our approach is to measure, assess, evaluate and design a fully compliant lit environment that ensures visual comfort, visual performance and safety within the workplace.

UK Health and safety legislation requires employers to provide sufficient lighting to enable people to work and move about safely. But it’s not all just about achieving lux levels…

Although meeting specific lux levels is a prerequisite for any workplace lighting design, a well-designed workplace lighting scheme is far more involved. A good design will satisfy the following three basic human needs:

  • Visual comfort
  • Visual performance
  • Safety

The British Standard, BS EN ISO 28802:2012 Ergonomics of the physical environment – Assessment of environments by means of an environmental survey involving physical measurements of the environment and subjective responses of people, provides a method for conducting a light survey in the workplace.

The British Standards, BS EN 12464 Parts 1 & 2: Light and lighting – Lighting of work places, specify lighting requirements for indoor and outdoor workplaces, which meet the needs for visual comfort and performance for usual visual tasks at work. The requirements also usually fulfil health and safety requirements, subject to professional evaluation.

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Workplace lighting risk assessment checklist

The British Standard, BS EN 1838:2013 Lighting applications – Emergency Lighting, specifies the luminous requirements for emergency escape lighting and standby lighting systems installed in premises or locations where such systems are required that the public or workers have access to. The overall objective of BS EN 1838 is to ensure that emergency escape lighting is designed to enable safe exit from a location in the event of failure of the normal supply.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published HSG38 Lighting at Work 2nd edition, 1997 which is a guide primarily aimed at those responsible for health and safety at work and explains how lighting contributes to health and safety of people at work.

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HSG38 Lighting at Work 2nd edition, 1997

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